About MBO

About MBO

'Make Booking Online': A Flexible, Powerful, Intelligent and Incredibly Easy-to-Use Platform

'Make Booking Online' streamlines your business/shop's digital requirements into one easy to use system. With one platform, you can accept and manage every type of online bookings and service scheduling.

Product & Solution

Our products bridge the gap between customer data and customer experience. “Make Booking Online” provides an impressive solution for all size businesses and shops which is not only clean and simple to use, but also flexible, powerful and cost-effective.

We connect businesses/shops and customers through a seamless booking system, and build products to empower a business/shop’s operations and visibility.

We offer integrated cloud solution to improve management; powerful digital marketing to increase bookings and service requests; and the kind of support you can trust.

Mission & Vision

The team behind “Make Booking Online” has created an integrated cloud platform that is comprehensive, flexible, modern and incredibly easy to use. We have spent a lot of energy to make sure that our system matches your requirements and helps your business grew and become more efficient.

Our mission at “Make Booking Online” is to make your business operations and work more efficient and productive. We want to remove friction from basic and routine things with the help of advanced software, cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Our mission is to empower businesses to do more of what they love, with solutions that work.
Make Booking Online

With one platform, you can accept and manage bookings and service requests.

“Make Booking Online” offers a full suite of tools built for emerging trends like contactless check-in, business/shop management, capacity monitoring and management, online marketing, customer relationship and notifications, and much more.

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