Want to know more about a feature you’ve seen on our website? here you can learn about some of our features that can make a big difference to your business.

Analytics & Reporting: One benefit of taking bookings on a single, online system is you get to see just how quickly your business is growing. You can see when your busiest hours are, how many no-shows you get, the percentage of your bookings which include a paid deposit, your total bookings per week, and much more.

Booking Form: Unlike the majority of booking platforms, we’ve built our system with your customer in mind – ensuring they get a seamless booking experience that reduces booking abandonment and increases your attendance and guest satisfaction. We constantly do user experience testing and gather feedback from people who use “Make Booking Online” to ensure we offer a world-leading booking process. Our entire booking form works great on all types of devices, mobile, tablet and computer – and we’ve spent a long time ensuring it loads quickly.

Booking Notifications: The hospitality industry is an incredibly dynamic and busy environment (hopefully at least!) so we understand it can be a concern that you might miss bookings that come in – luckily “Make Booking Online” has advanced booking notification options to ensure that no matter where you are you can stay informed about your bookings. You can receive an email notification the moment a booking comes into the system – or receive emails to multiple different accounts to ensure everyone stays updated.

Variable Pricing: Pricing can often be a complicated matter, especially in more niche business venues. We are always on the lookout for ways we can make the booking process both more straightforward and robust. That’s why today we’re happy to announce the launch of variable booking charges.