Most customers visit websites before they make their decision to visit the actual business/shop. A well-designed website will not only attract new customers but will also play a significant role in a customer retention plan. You can offer your guests a visual tour around your business/shop or give them the opportunity to submit online requests via your webpage. Remember that your website can be a very useful tool when it comes to increasing revenue and gaining new customers.

The most important thing is to stay updated. There is nothing worse than visiting a webpage of a business/shop that has not posted anything for months. “Hello? Are you guys even open?”. Make sure that your website is always up-to-date. New opening hours? New services? Is your business/shop hosting an event? Remember to put all the info on your website. Furthermore, listing services and pictures of your services and operators might also do the trick. If people are not familiar with some of the services your business/shop is offering, it is always better to back it all up with photos.

Pictures are important too. How can you possibly list your services on your website, but no pictures? Make sure to upload photos of your services or operators. It will definitely make people want to visit your business/shop! What is more, a good website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. The content has to stay fresh.

Remember that business/shop’s websites that are not adapted to mobile services lose a lot! There is a lot of people who do almost everything from their phones. Checking the weather, sending emails, looking up information and most importantly – booking for a service!

It is also good to be aware of customer experience on business/shop websites so that a business/shop owner can make changes and make the website even more efficient and profitable.

We encourage you to make your business/shop’s website as informative as possible, try to keep it simple and organised. Use toned colours and good quality images. And just like we have mentioned before – always keep it updated. Business/shop websites are links between services and customers, so it is always important to make them clear and readable.

Even though business/shop websites vary, they all have the same purpose – to advertise your business, sell the service/product, inform your potential guests about opening hours, services, events and finally – to boost your revenue. Creating a transparent and welcoming website will get you some new customers. You will be able to change online visits into actual business/shop visits. And your website visitors might turn out to be loyal customers.