We live in a century, where the internet plays an extremely significant role. People google everything. They type: barbers around me”, so your business/shop has to be there! What is more, your customers will be able to leave comments and rate your business.

There are many ways to improve your numbers, gain new customers and improve the revenue of your business/shop. Whether you already own a business/shop or are about to enter this highly competitive business, we have gathered some information that might help you promote and advertise your business!

Business/Shop Website

Always keep everything up-to-date. Keep your home page and all those social media channels updated. Opening hours, special events and most importantly – pictures! People love pictures. They want to know what the service you provide looks like. People who decide to visit your business’ website need to be informed about everything that is going on at your business/shop. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and has the newest menu. Let your customers know about the latest service specials and options that your business/shop provides. Avoid any outdated content.

Social Media

The power of social media is insanely huge. If you want to know how to successfully promote your business/shop business online, then you should definitely take advantage of the power of social media. It has become so powerful and popular, that once you own a business – you just need to get an Instagram and a Facebook account for your business/shop. You can either hire someone to run those pages for you, or you can simply do it yourself. Just remember – here you also need to keep things updated. Make sure to post new pictures, add any special offers and let your customers know about any upcoming changes or events. Social media plays a significant role when it comes to marketing. You can also collaborate with a bunch of local influencers.

What is more, try to engage your clients to tag your business or share their location while receiving the service at your business/shop. You can come up with contests – like when they share a picture and tag your business/shop – they might win a free service or even a gift card! You can also post pictures of your staff, or some candid photos.

Employees and Staff

A good atmosphere is important. If you look after your employees, they will look after your business. Teamwork is extremely important, especially in a business/shop. You want everything to run smoothly. A good team will definitely improve your revenue. Satisfied customers and their referrals are the most efficient ads! Give your employees a chance to grow and learn new things. Let them learn about those up-selling techniques. Make sure to appreciate their hard work. It all adds up to the pool of business/shop sales and marketing strategies for sure!

Customer Review

Online reviews and ratings play a huge role in every business/shop’s business. Be attentive. Show your clients that you care. You should always read those reviews and try to answer all of them. You can always thank your customers for a five-star review, but do not neglect those less pleasant comments. Be sure to reply in a polite manner. Ask them what you can do to provide an even better service.

Ask about their likes, dislikes and suggestions. This particular research method will collect data and you will get insights into your topic of interest. With that knowledge, you will be able to imply any changes to your business/shop, so it meets your customer’s expectations and needs. Sometimes even a bad comment might make you notice something that you have not seen before. Once people see that you really care for their needs and are willing to imply changes that they might have suggested – they will definitely want to come back to your business/shop.

You can have a local “business card” by setting up a business profile for your business/shop on Google. Customers can rate your business/shop and leave comments. Google browser and Google Maps? With Google Business, your business/shop will definitely show up there. You can also add reservation links to your Google My Business account.

Good publicity is what every business/shop owner wants. Make sure your staff is well-trained, pleasant and offers impeccable customer service. Customers will notice that and they will definitely come back for more!

Incentive and Events

If you want to increase sales in your business/shop, you should definitely take some time to come up with a bunch of discounts and coupons for your customers. Never forget about your loyal client. If you see them quite often, you can offer them a free drink every now and then. They would love that for sure. Show them that you really appreciate their visits and you wish to offer them the best service there is. You can also attract new customers to your business/shop, by giving away some coupons.

One of the marketing strategies that can help you increase sales in your business/shop is events. You should always know what is going on in the city. It is a perfect way to promote your business/shop and gain new clients. Get out there and let the people know why your business/shop is worth checking out.

Family and Kid Friendly

Advertising and promoting your business/shop usually revolve around the quality of customer services. But you can stand out from the crowd. Your business/shop can be known as a kid’s friendly place. A designated area will have some toys, books and building blocks. Keep it safe and simple. Even a simple kid’s corner might do the trick.

Online Booking and Loyalty Program

Another thing that should be taken into consideration? Online booking tools. People like to make bookings and plan, so they know for sure they will get their service at a certain time. Make sure to give your customers that option.

What is more, you can also introduce a loyalty program. Make sure to reward your loyal customers. Loyalty systems are one of the most popular strategies to increase sales in businesses/shops. Encourage your customers to collect those points, so later they can exchange them for a gift card or something else. People like those kinds of things. They will be more likely to visit your business/shop, because subconsciously – they will feel the urge to get more points and eventually get a reward.