Table Reservation

Table Reservation

supercharge your business with powerful Booking and Waiting List management subsystems

Maximise your performance and streamline your service with our business/shop booking management solution. "Make Booking Online" is equipped with a feature-rich booking subsystem that will give you complete control over your business/shop and all your services at any given time.

Allow your customers to book a service online 24/7. Keep them updated on the status of their booking or waiting list request via email updates and SMS notifications.

Join our platform today. Start using the 'Make Booking Online' flexible and automated booking and appointment scheduling solution and stop wasting your valuable time on day-to-day phone calls, email replies, and social media chats for bookings.

Functions & Processes

Powerful Booking Management

Centralised Management

Eliminate lost details and time-consuming back-and-forth communication. Quickly manage schedule, bookings, queueing, and tables from any browser. Let your customers book a service from anywhere 24/7.

Scheduler and List Views

Manage your services with ease and be updated on future bookings and waiting list requests. Scheduler view gives you a visual display of your bookings, while the list view provides a detailed list (filterable, sortable, searchable) and status of services, bookings and requests.

Realtime Reports and Analytics

See booking trends, returning guests, and walk-in information. Visual reports will help you gain actionable insights for improving operations and customer service. Improve your profitability and efficiency with stats and downloadable reports.

Features & Capabilities

Flexible Waiting List Solution

WaitList Requests Management

Add customers to the waiting list on any browser (Computer, Tablet or Phone), or allow your customers to send requests online. Reduce walk-aways, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your business.


‍Send email or text messages to customers to let them know when it is their turn.

Integrated Platform

Enter key information and tags on customers integrated profile. Add notes, special requirements and estimated waits or arrival times. Push approved requests to the bookings lists.

'Make Booking Online' focuses on

Centralised Management

View, manage, and control bookings and waiting list requests in one centralised intuitive admin panel.

Customer Notifications

Send confirmation and reminder notifications by email or SMS and decreased no-shows.

Integrated Platform

Send customers directly to your custom page, take their booking and their payment in one seamless transaction.

Online Marketing

Send promotion messages to your customers. Export your customer data to your preferred mail supplier.

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No per booking fees, high commissions or unexpected/hidden costs. We support you by keeping prices transparent and fair.

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'Make Booking Online' is a centralised platform to manage

'Make Booking Online' empowers you with
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Functions and Features

Services and Time Tables

Define and manage your operation calendars, time tables and time slots. Define different calendars and time schedules for booking and operators. Plan your off days, public holidays and other special days for your services, locations and operations.

  • Define time slots of 10 minutes or longer to manage your services and operations (including booking and operators).
  • Define service/operation/location capacity and limits.
  • Create service/operation/location time tables and define public holidays or special days for time table.
  • Specify service availability and conditions (e.g. fees and discounts) for different services and time tables.

Functions and Features

Automation and Management

Configure your service and operation with ease. Define and manage your service types, locations, service and location capacities and limits, and operations.

  • Monitor and manage customers' bookings and visits (cancelled/confirmed, show/no show, seated/served) visually (scheduler) or in dynamic real-time lists.
  • Set up automatic or manual booking/appointment and waiting list request review and confirmation processes.
  • Add notes, tags and comments to your bookings and clients' accounts for future service and interactions.
  • Customise, configure and manage your online booking and waiting list pages.
  • Generate QR codes for your custom booking page and allow your customers to book a service directly from your custom page.

Functions and Features

Messages and Notifications

Enable your customers to easily and quickly reserve a service or book an appointment and plan their visit in advance. Get rid of the pen and paper, 'Make Booking Online' integrated and intuitive booking system helps you keep and manage your bookings in one place.

  • Create and send promotion and service notification messages (email or SMS) and send to all or defined groups and categories of your customers.
  • Set up automatic reminders and status alerts.
  • Inform your customers of their booking or waiting list request status, and decrease your business/shop no-shows.
  • Send email or SMS notifications (confirmation, cancellation, updates, and reminders) to your customers.
  • Integrate your booking operation with different online channels and systems you use and increase your business performance.