Features and Functions

Features and Functions

'Make Booking Online' platform capabilities, features and functions

Empower your business/shop with advanced online booking management, deliver consistent service and customer experience, improve your business performance, and maximize your revenue with a fully integrated platform.

Some of the features and functions of the 'Make Booking Online' platform are listed below:

Features & Functions

Service Booking Page

Flexible Menu System

Create intuitive simple to advanced service booking page. Create and customise services and operators, and add images, description, options, and conditions. Structure your service list by setting service categories. Modify services, pricing and promotions in real-time.

Advanced Menu Options and Rules

Create and manage service options (e.g. one, combination, and multiple option(s) selection) and conditions (e.g. availability, optional/required, and min/max selectable) based on time schedules (days and time blocks), service type or location. Allow your customers to add and select different number or combinations of services and options.

Menu Analysis and Optimisation

Monitor booking page performance, get analytical reports and smart suggestions to optimise and improve your service list and options based on the received interests and bookings, manage and promote your page, and improve your business/shop performance and efficiency.

Features & Functions

Output Devices

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Send requests automatically to the display(s) to reduce manual intervention and errors. Keep requests and bookings under control, and improve speed, accuracy and service quality.

Direct Printing (Cloud)

Define and connect multiple printers (via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi adapter) to the cloud system and receive print jobs for each printer directly and instantly. Printer jobs can be grouped (based on location, service type, service category, and service item) and set to be printed from different printers.

App Printing (Local)

‍Download the 'Make Booking Online' administration and print management app to receive print jobs for the specified groups and send them to your local printers (or POS system).


Define multiple display outputs (i.e. PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone) to show bookings and requests of a specified output group in realtime.

Features & Functions

Resources and Tools

Save time, reduce waste, and eliminate procurement and purchase errors with 'Make Booking Online' smart resource management solution. Manage your inventory easily to track costs, know your service profitability and improve your business performance.

Manage Resources

Run resource/inventory counts, track and eliminate the likelihood of wastage or thefts, and determine inventory quantity and usage in real-time.

Optimise Menus

Analyse your services to improve your operation profitability. Track service items costs and profitability. Identify your least profitable and most profitable service items and maximise your profits.

Analyse Sales and Costs

Use 'Make Booking Online' advanced reports and analytics, make faster and smarter decisions based on bookings, expenses, and purchasing.

Features & Functions

Payment Methods

Multiple Online Payment Options

Multiple payment options can be activated for different services. Accept payment directly from your customer. Money settles directly into your bank account. Accept Credit Card ('Make Booking Online' integrated to multiple payment gateways including Stripe, Paypal, Eway, Apple Pay and Google Pay). Simply enable them, connect, and set payment conditions and rules.

Pay at Counter

Give your customers the option to request a service online and pay cash or via your EFTPOS device.

Cash on Delivery and Collection

Allow your customers to pay cash on delivery or collection.

Gift Card

Accept payment by gift cards or combination of different payment options.

Features & Functions

Fees and Charges

Automatic Fees and Charges

Specify certain fees and charges (fixed rate or percentage) to be applied to requests automatically. Clarify charges, reduce errors and simplify your process by using the automatic service cost calculations, review and control.

Fees Conditions and Rules

Define multiple conditions and rules for processing and applying automatic fees/surcharges. For example, set an automatic fixed rate (e.g. $2) or percentage discount (e.g. 1%) to be applied when certain conditions are met (e.g. for services under $10 paid by credit card) or on a certain day (e.g. on public holidays).

Features & Functions

Coupons and Discounts

Automatic Discounts and Special Offers

Reward your customer and give them a reason to come back. Create automatic coupons, discounts, special offer combinations.

Coupons and Discount Codes

Allow your customers to enter and apply a discount code or coupon for their service requests.

Discount Conditions and Rules

Define multiple conditions and rules for processing and applying automatic or manual discounts or special offers. For example, set an automatic fixed rate (e.g. $5) or percentage discount (e.g. 2.5%) to be applied when certain conditions are met (e.g. for services above $100) on a certain day (e.g. on Mother's Day).

Features & Functions

Customer Management

Customer Profile

Collect customer data based their behaviour and actions. Identify regular, returning and one-time visitors and gather booking preferences of each customer. Target your customers based on their behaviour, preferences, and spending habits.

Customer Reports and Analytics

Analyse customer bookings and orders and understand your customers behaviour.

Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Reward your customers and encourage them to increase service request frequency and amount. Use a customisable loyalty reward program to get the best response from your customers and increasing your profitability.

Features & Functions

Reports & Lists

Reporting System

View essential reports such as requests, bookings, payments and performance. Use 'Make Booking Online' powerful reporting system to reduce costs and highlight areas for improvement and growth.​

Data Analytics

Increase visibility over different aspects of your business and operations. Gain insights on requests, resources and inventory, performance, and marketing to improve efficiency, identify opportunities for growth, make informed decisions, and increase revenue and profits.

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